Tuesday, 5 July 2011

BT Vision

The BT Engineer called this morning. He was due after 1pm, but phoned quite earlier to ask if he could come within the next half an hour. Gosh, was there a scatter in our house after that. I wasn't dressed, my husband was still in bed and the room I use for an office was still in turmoil. (The hub for our PCs is in my office, so he needed to check it out.)  But it is my office and that's how I like it.  It seems that all the extra things we can get with this new BT Vision box come through our broadband.  So the engineer had to check it out. 

Isn't science wonderful? I have no idea how this new fangle thing works.  Actually, I have no idea how I can switch on my PC and 'talk' to people all over the world - let alone how the hub in my office can transport films, etc to our TV which is along the passage and on the far side of the sitting room, without an ariel. Perhaps it's best I don't know,as I might want to start fixing things.  The engineer was very nice and explained everything to us, at least my husband knew what he was talking about, while I tried to sound intelligent and asked a few questions.  However, I think the gist of it is, we are supposed to be able to get Demand TV, as well other things which have been on TV previously and we might have missed for some reason or another. We should also be able to watch films, though some we will have to pay for - a bit like Sky.  I'm sure there are a lot more things we can get, but I need to read up on it.

It all sounds really good, but tonight will be the big test.  Will we be able to find the things we want to see??

I hope your day goes well.


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