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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

This Week, So Far!

Another slow week!  Can they get any slower? Yes, I suppose they can. It depends on what you call slow!

This week we have had a couple of appointments. But don't you go thinking that this has been an upbeat week, because you would be so wrong. By a couple of appointments, I mean that on Tuesday we had a guy here servicing our boiler. Yes it was that time of year again!

Fortunately all is well on that front and we don't have to rush out and spend money on a brand new boiler. But then we have it serviced every year and parts are still available if it should break down. Perhaps I should have whispered that last remark, because if the boiler people picked it up they might decide to throw all spare parts out of the window in the hope of selling a new boiler!

Well, perhaps not out of the window. There are fines for that sort of thing now. On the other hand, aren't there fines for all sorts of things these days. You almost have to call in a member of the council before you decide which bin something needs to go in! Woe betide you if you should put something in the wrong bin or if your bin is too full. What is seen as too full? I gather nothing is to peek out from under the lid. So what if it does? What are we paying our council tax/rates for?

Anyway best I get off my soapbox about that!

Back to the two appointments this week. Wednesday's appointment was to take the car to be serviced. Thankfully there weren't any problems and after about a couple of hours we were able to drive away safe in the knowledge that all is well for another year. Fingers crossed on that one! The mechanic even gave the car a quick hose down, which was good because it needed it.

On Friday, all being well I am going to pop around to a friend's house for a chat. I suppose that means I have three appointments this week, not two. But as things crop up unexpectedly, Friday's chat is classed as being in the distant future!

Our gorgeous nephew, will be two years old on 20th June. I still can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Our niece and her husband took him on a week's holiday to Whitby recently and I gather they all enjoyed their stay. I asked them to try to find Dracula's grave, which is said to be at the top of the cliff overlooking the harbour. Phil & I have been there two or three times and although we have looked, we have never found it. Okay, I know it is a myth that Dracula was buried there. Dracula was a figment of Bram Stoker's imagination, but I can't help thinking I might find something one day - and then I will yell YES! before taking a photo and passing it on to everyone who is interested in learning the secret. Who knows, Bram Stoker might just have hidden something for his followers to find in the years to come. Have I stirred your imagination? I hope so! Mine is running at fever pitch at the moment!

Well that is my week in a nutshell. However, if anyone reading this has any further news regarding the Dracula thing I would love to hear from you. Replies have been rather sparse of late.

In the meantime, have a great day wherever you are!


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