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Thursday, 26 November 2015

What Can I Say - When I Have Nothing to Tell You!

I am afraid I am lost for words today. I have absolutely nothing to tell you!
I haven't been anywhere, done anything or even seen anyone for the last few days. How sad is that?

Does anyone else go through periods where there is nothing going on in their lives?

It is such a far cry from when I was younger and out there in the world actually doing something useful, like - having a job! There were times back then when I would have loved to have had a few minutes to myself, let alone a few days.

But that is the way it works and there is nothing we can do about it.

I did get to Newcastle last Monday with my friend and believe me I think that half of mankind was there as well. Can you believe it - I stood in a queue for over half an hour to buy something in M & S, One of the assistants even came around with some sweets and offered us all to pick one from the box. We aren't even into December yet, I can only imagine what it will be like come the run up to Christmas Day.

There was one good thing, though. As everyone was stuck in the queues we were able to get a seat at the M & S wine bar without any trouble at all. We usually end off our trip with bottle of wine and a sandwich before running to catch the bus for the hour and a half journey home.

I have decided that I am going to start wrapping my Christmas Presents very soon. For some reason, I always seem to leave it until the last minute and then I find it to be a chore rather than the fun it is meant to be.(It is meant to be fun, isn't it?) The same with the Christmas cards. I should start writing them now, too. Then they are already for posting, when I get the stamps!

As I am so stuck for words, I will add the news that my romantic novel, Only Twelve Days will be on offer to download for only 99c/99p from 29th November - 5th December.  

Who am I kidding? You know me better than that! I would have added that piece of information regardless of how long my post was. :-)

But seriously, can you imagine Christmas without a charming heart-warming love story? No! Neither can I. And this is one of the most tender stories you will ever read.

Well I think that is all for the moment. But if I suddenly have a stupendous piece of news that I can't wait to pass on, then I will update this post immediately!  (But don't hold your breath!)

Have a great day!

Chink! Chink!


  1. I'm grateful for those blessed moments of respite, now, and no dang meetings anywhere on the horizon! Enjoy the uneventful--I'm celebrating with you!

  2. Thank you, Anna. We will raise our glasses together. Chick Chink! Cheers!