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Monday, 25 May 2015

Bank Holiday!

It's Bank Holiday here in the UK!  A time when people take advantage of the long weekend break and do something special to mark the holiday. Some families take themselves off for a short holiday, while others use the extra time off work to finish some jobs around the house. So, what have you done this weekend?

Well we haven't done anything! Nothing at all. We haven't been anywhere or done anything worth talking about. But do you want to know the worst thing about that?  I don't actually feel like doing anything. There is absolutely nothing that I am itching to do!

Above, I used the words  the 'worst' thing, but on reflection perhaps I should have used the words 'the best thing'. The fact that I I don't really want to change anything could mean that I am very content with my life and can't think of anything that could make it any better. Well, let's just say, not something that a Bank Holiday weekend could bring about!

So you will have guessed by now that I haven't got anything much to tell you. I am still trying to put together my latest novel. The four ladies, who have now turned themselves into private investigators, have landed themselves a case, but I am still working on how it is all going to follow through. I think my imagination has deserted me at the moment, but I shall keep working on it and perhaps it will suddenly return with all sorts of wild ideas.

We have had the paving slabs around the house cleaned! But that was before the Bank Holiday weekend - just in case you think I have been holding back on you.  I have to say they are all looking very nice now. I even went out and sprayed all the weeds in the garden as they seemed to be more noticeable since the paving was cleaned. So now I am waiting for them all to die off!

Everything in life seems to be a waiting game. I'm waiting to win the lottery, waiting for my imagination to return and now I am waiting for the weeds to die off! by the time I get back to you, I will have found something else to wait for!

I am still watching the West Wing. I finished watching the series again recently and then started all over again from the beginning. It's a brilliant series. They certainly should have carried on with Matt Santos as President. There were a few things left unfinished, things I would have liked to have closure on. But I suppose they left it on a high, so what do I know!

Well, I think that is all for the moment. I do hope you are having a great weekend whatever you are doing.


Chink! Chink!

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