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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Special Offer!

I have nothing to tell you, except that my novel ONLY TWELVE DAYS is only 99c/99p to download. The offer lasts until midnight Friday 12th June. So if you have not read this sweet, old-fashioned love story, then now is the time to download your copy!

The story is set in 1979, before computers and mobile phones had taken over the world and tells how Bill, a widower and Sally, a rather shy 21 yr old meet quite unexpectedly and fall in love. But their fate lies in the hands of two people - Sally's over-protective father and Bill's young son, Joey. Will it work out for them...?  Read the book to find out. And Please pass on this info.

Also, who do you think would be good in the part of Bill, if it were ever made into a movie?  No prizes, I'm just curious!

My niece and her husband have taken my great-nephew on holiday to Whitby this week. I asked them to try to find Dracula's grave. He is said to buried in the churchyard high on the cliff in Whitby. I have looked on the two or three occasions I have been there, but haven't found it. Has anyone else heard this story and if so have you ever seen the grave?

Well I think that is all for the moment!

Happy reading!!


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