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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another Special offer!!

I am in turmoil this week!

I was spending a great deal of time trying to promote The Trojan Project as it was on offer for 99c/99p. (Incidentally the offer ends midnight 18th Aug.)

But then I suddenly noticed that Only Twelve Days a rather sweet love story set before mobile phones and computers took over our lives, was selling well. It was only then that I realised it had suddenly started a new promotion!!

Only Twelve Days

I say suddenly, but I had been put in the loop and then completely forgotten about it.   How could I have forgotten something as important as that?  Okay, I realise that it isn't really as important to others as it is to me, but it means I lost the first two days of the campaign. I doubt I will get it onto any of the sites that send out names of books on offer to their masses of readers.

Though, thinking about it now, it did seem to be doing quite well without me - is that good or is it bad??  I hope my publisher doesn't read this! :-(

Anyway, good or bad I am here to tell you about it now. So if you haven't read Only Twelve Days, might I suggest that you pop along to your nearest Amazon and download a copy before the offer runs out on Saturday 22nd August.

Well that's all for the moment. Best I go and tweet my socks off  about my book promotion to my followers.

Have a great day!


Chink Chink!

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