Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Sun is Shining - again

Yes, we have had the most wonderful weather for the past week up here ing the Scottish Borders. The sun has shone, the birds have been singing and all has been wonderful. I do hope this hasn't been our summer, though.  I recall last year when we had glorious weather in April/May and then it rained for most of the summer months.

Took the opportunity to take a trip to......  Yes, Newcastle!  --  I bet you were mouthing the word Newcastle as you read it. My friends and I spent a lovely few hours meandering around the shops. Brilliant!  The trip down was good, too. The bus trundles over Carter Bar, the top of the hill where Scotland and England meet. The views from the top are breathtaking, especially when the weather is at its best.

Of course I had to spend some money. Who can possibly go to the most wonderful city in England and not spend any money?  Okay, I suppose my husband can and a few other men I could mention, but he wasn't with me, so I shopped merrily for all I was worth, before finishing up in the Deli cafe in M&S with a glass of wine to round off the day.

Something else exciting has happened this week. Divorcees.Biz has been entered into The People's Book Prize competition Spring selection. Well I think it is exciting!!  It's not everyday you novel is entered into such a prestigious competition.  The comp began on Friday 1st March and will run for three months, before the summer selection is introduced..

Therefore, and I am taking a deep breath here, I would be most grateful if you would follow the link and vote for my novel. Please don't let my book be the only one sitting there without a vote :-) Once you are on the competition website, you will need to register, as they send you a password to use before you can vote.

Well I think that's all for the moment, but I'll get back to you if something else pops into my head.  Meanwhile keep reading Divorcees.Biz and vote for the book!!

But most of all have a great day, wherever you are.


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