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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining here this morning. Doesn't it make you feel a whole lot better. Even the birds are singing, though I suppose it is still very cold out there. Despite the sun, I haven't ventured out yet.

There so many things I could be doing this morning. A long brisk walk, springs to mind. It would help dust of the cobwebs and hurl those winter blues to one side. But somehow I don't think I am up for it. I don't know why. This is the sort of morning I have been looking forward to for the last few weeks and yet, now that's it's here, I don't know what to do with myself.

Have you ever felt like that? Do you look forward to doing something, but when the time is right, you have gone off the boil about the whole idea?  The trouble is, I seem to be getting into a rut and I really can't let that happen.

I based my character, Sadie in Divorcees.Biz on myself because I like to think I am a happy-go-lucky person. Yet here I am having a moan because the sun is shining and I don't know what to do with myself. I can hear Sadie screaming in my ear, telling me to snap out of it and get myself down to the bottle bank with all those empty wine bottles. (she must have taken a peek in my utility room when I wasn't looking) I suppose I should do that before someone falls over them and breaks their leg :-)

Though truthfully, I am not doing absolutely nothing. I am at least sitting here typing this blog for you, which must count for something. I have also had a text conversion with my one and only niece, who is expecting a baby in June. Both she and her husband are very excited. (And so am I)

Phil and I never had children; it just didn't happen. Therefore, you will understand why I am so delighted for my lovely niece and her husband.

By the way, did anyone read the wonderful review for Divorcees.Biz in my last blog? It is up there on with another seven reviews, while there are fifteen reviews on Now that can't be bad, can it? I must have got something right.

I think that is all for the moment. Have a great day wherever you are.


PS I have just had a thought as to why I am feeling down - I have just finished watching The West Wing for the umpteenth time. You will all know by now that I love that show.  Ah well,  I guess I will simply have to start all over again.....  See! I feel brighter already. Now, Sadie, where are those wretched bottles!!!!!


  1. Happy go lucky works for me! All the best.


  2. Or else when the time is right (or when there's time) I'm too sleepy... Gave up editing last night when I couldn't type two words together without typos. But I finished today! Life is good. Wine helps.

    1. I know that feeling, Sheila. When I tend to hit the wrong keys, then it's time to do something else for a while.

      Wine definitely helps!!