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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cold Day

Just when I thought the winter was over, it has turned bitterly cold again today. We have had rain, snow, hail strong gust of wind and sunshine. Can you believe it? When is it going to end?  Well all I can say is that it had better sort itself out by Wednesday because I an planning another trip to Newcastle.

I have started on another new novel. I am making this one a sequel to Divorcees.Biz, so the four ladies are returning. I'm not sure where they are going are what they are going to do this time around, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Meanwhile I have all four of them sitting in a wine bar mulling over the past three years (It begins three years later after the last one ends)  However, I do have a title - I Haven't a Clue!  How does that sound?  Is it zany enough for Sadie? Or perhaps too zany for Connie?  Well it doesn't really matter what they think, because that is the title!

Meanwhile I am delighted with how Divorcees.Biz is doing. It seems to selling, so that is something. I would hate my four ladies to be sitting alone on the shelves at one of Amazon's vast depots. I would also hate them not to have a few votes in The People's Book Prize competition, so please, if you haven't voted yet, follow the link now. (or at least when you have finished reading this post)

I started a group on Facebook quite recently. It's called Promote Your Book! and the number of members has swollen to 182. The idea is that we authors help each other by simply not posting your latest novel and then flitting off to do the same somewhere else.  What I am hoping is that people will take the time to look at the work of other members.  I have downloaded some really interesting books onto my kindle over the last few weeks. Books I wouldn't normally have read - or even heard of - if it hadn't been for this group.

Since starting it up, I have asked another member to help me with the admin and he kindly agreed. He has also come up with some good ideas, the latest being that it might be nice if we could all meet up somewhere. That would be really nice.

It was my husband's birthday last week so we were invited to a friend's house for a glass of something sparkling. Very nice. She had asked a few other friends around to, so it was a quite a get-together. Good fun!

Well I think that's it for the moment,

As always I hope all is well with you wherever you are,



  1. I must join your Promote Your Book group. What a good idea! Glad your husband enjoyed his birthday. He's a Piscean, like me!

  2. Good stuff Eileen. So pleased your (old) novel is doing so well and that you have ideas for your next (new) one, and I love the idea of Promote Your Book. Keep it up!

  3. You are already a member of the group, Hydra. Where have you been? :-)

    Thank you Vee. I hope you have added your vote in The People's Book Prize :-)

    1. Of course...though their system is always a touch awkward, but I persevered! Good luck!

    2. Thank you Vee. I think Hydra had the same trouble. It's a bit like getting into MI5 :-)