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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Day That Never Happened!.

To day, my friend and I should have been on the bus hurtling its way to Newcastle. Today was a going to be a fun day out. I was reveling in the success of the freebie offer of Divorcees.Biz and my friend... well my friend is always walking on clouds at the thought of a trip to Newcastle. Actually she is walking on clouds at the thought of a trip to anywhere where there are lots of shops. Nevertheless,  she has come to love Newcastle the way I do.

Yet it didn't happen.. Already I can hear your brains ticking over wondering what on earth could have happened to cause this wondrous adventure to come to an abrupt end before it even got off the ground,  Well let me tell you what happened... snow happened!!!

Yes! Snow was falling this morning and it looked as though snow had fallen in the night as there was a layer of the white stuff all around the village. Can you believe it? We didn't dare risk getting stuck in the bus on Carter Bar, the hill that you have to get over to reach the south. So here we are, stuck up here in the Borders, when we should have been doing some wonderful retail therapy in that Beautiful city, Newcastle.

However, so that the day isn't a complete disaster she is going to come around this afternoon and we are going to split a bottle of wine and drown our sorrows.

I have to admit, missing out on a trip to the shops is a small price to pay after seeing the damage the snow has done to other villages, towns and cities not a million miles from us. So I'll stop moaning now and think of how lucky we are.

Therefore on a lighter note, I was delighted to see the comment on Divorcees.Biz facebook page this morning. Someone said they were reading Divorcees.Biz and she couldn't put it down, despite the fact that she worked a twelve hour shift.  Hearing news like that does help me to get over any other disappointments of the day. Follow the link if you would like to take a look.  (And please add a like before you leave.)

I think that is all for the moment, except a quick reminder that I could do with a few more votes in The People's book Prize  --- and if you would like an electric autograph for Divorcees.Biz follow the link to Authorgraph

Have a great day,


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