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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spiders and things!

My friend and I went off to Newcastle again yesterday and had a wonderful time.

We were a little anxious on Monday and Tuesday as the snow was really trying to get in the way and spoil our trip, but it held back and we were able to scramble on the bus and head south to the shopping centre of the world.  Okay, I know that to you, your nearest shopping centre is the one to visit. But I guess we all have our favourites and I have to say, Newcastle is mine.

My only wish is that we had just a little longer to spend in the great city. The bus arrives in Newcastle at around 11am - a few minutes earlier with a fair wind on our tail, but it leaves again at 2pm and with all those wonderful shops to see, there just isn't enough time. Especially if you want to spend a short while at the wonderful Deli-Bar in M&S food hall, where my friend and I have a glass of wine before dashing to catch the bus home. There have been the odd occasions when we have had to run to the bus station and leap aboard the bus before the driver heads away back north.

Anyway, we have a lovely time shopping as to our hearts contents, as far as time will allow :-)  Perhaps it's just as well we are there longer, as I guess we would spend too much money.  Yesterday I bought a skirt and........ wait for it....... a spider catcher....... a one where a long tube sucks in the spider or bug without you having to actually get too near it.

I hate spiders of any shape or size. But over the years I think they have started to get bigger. Do you think so, too?  Some of them are really enormous now. I sometimes wonder whether they are planning to spin webs that would encase us in our homes.  Ugh!! What a thought.  Now my mind is running away with me - at least I hope it is and this isn't for real!!   Let's not go down that road - not in my lifetime, anyway.  So back to the spider catcher. I think that even I will be able to catch the monsters with my new gadget and put them outside, where they can run around till their heart's content.  I think I will end the bit about spiders now, I feel as though they are crawling over me.  Big shiver here.

I am off to the hairdresser's today. I think she is going to get a shock at how much my hair has grown over the last month. You must understand my hair is quite short, but there are times when it grows like mad in between appointments, and this is one of those times.  Therefore, I am going to look quite bald when I leave the hair salon this afternoon.  It also means I am going to feel the draft!

Well I think that is enough excitement for one day so I will leave it there.  Except to give a big Thank You to those who have voted for Divorcees.Biz. If you haven't, then there is still time to head over to the People's Book Prize and add your vote.

Have a good day,


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