Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strange Request

I have just had a strange request from someone who stumbled across my blog this morning.... Thinking about it, perhaps the request is not so strange really, as whoever it is, is simply trying to promote their business and who can blame them for that?

He/she is called Dovi from Lithuania and has asked me to review their hand felted slippers on my blog. Now, please be clear, I can't give a review, because I have never tried them, nor can I say I endorse them, as I have never even seen them for real. However, just for the pure heck of it and because I am in a fairly good mood, I will pass on their website address here and you can log on if you wish. For heavens sake, you have got to give the person something for trying.

But this is the first and probably the last time I will do this.

Things have been hectic here for the last few days. My husband's medication had be raised and it caused his blood-pressure to rise and his pulse to race. However since the dose was lowered again, he seems to be back to normal. Phew!
We also had to have a trip to the hospital again. Thankfully, not the one in Edinburgh with the terribly hard chairs, but our local General Hospital, where the seating is of a more comfortable nature.

At the moment I am preparing envelopes filled with postcards and calendar magnets all showing the cover of my novel, The Trojan Project, to send to various places  in the USA as soon as the book has been released. Finding addresses is the most difficult part, but I am getting there.

Now I am off to hang out some washing before the weather changes.



  1. That was a very generous thing to do, Eileen re the slippers.

    I'm glad they've got your husband's medication sorted out.

  2. Thank you, Teresa. On both counts.