Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Laptop

You might recall that I was having a few problems with my laptop. It was freezing, blanking out, and doing other strange things. Well yesterday the screen started to turn pink when I had left it for a while. I don't know why. Perhaps it was frustrated at me going off and leaving it - who knows what gets into these things??

Anyway, I decided enough was enough and today we went out and bought a new one. At the moment, my husband is in the process of setting it up for me, so I am still using the old one. However, once he gets everything up and running, he will transfer all the stuff from this one. I say all the stuff, but I don't really mean that. I really need to sort out some of the folders on here. I can't possibly pack up all the rubbish on here and simply dump it in the new one. For heaven's sake, it could be that all this stuff tucked away in corners I don't even know about, has wreaked havoc with this one.

No! A good clear out is what is called for and that is the first thing I am going to do tomorrow!! But where do I start? How do I know whether I am deleting something I am going to want next week? It's a bit like that in our house. I hang onto things for ages because I believe they will be needed. My drawers and cupboards are full of bits and pieces that never see the light of day from one year to the next.

Perhaps I will have to keep this Laptop in the cupboard just in case I need something hidden away in one of the folders. My husband is going to love that!!

Have a good day!!


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  1. yep! A good sort out is what is needed... And a bright new fresh start! Good luck. I remember when I had my last new one - it took ages for me to get totally organised.