Thursday, 27 October 2011

Back to the Drawing Board.

Yesterday I went to Newcastle again yesterday to meet up with my sister and cousin for a chat over coffee - well it was a bit early for wine, so that came later! My cousin was full of cold, but had made the decision to still meet up, because she likes to keep up with what is going on in a different world to hers - as do we all!!

Anyway, after we finished coffee, I went to look around the shops before meeting up with the lovely lady I mentioned a month ago. We couldn't talk long, as I had to get back to Kelso for a talk on wine (more on that later) and she was doing some shopping of her own. Nevertheless, it was good to see her again, even for a short while. We will have to try to meet up another time, when we both aren't in such a rush.

As for the wine school, I'm afraid I didn't get to it after all. Oh, I was there on time - 6pm - 7.30, the invitation said, but unfortunately for some reason it had been changed to 6.30 - 8pm and quite frankly, I didn't feel up to hanging around the shop for 30 min waiting for it to start, so I left. I was shattered after my shopping trip, but still went to the talk because I said I would, but felt I couldn't stay there till 8pm. I will have to make my apologies. I do hope it went well, though.

Today is bits and pieces day, but it has been postponed until tomorrow, as my husband isn't feeling too well today. So now it is back to the drawing board, with my novel, I must try to get my head around it, as all the characters are doing what they like and I am sitting here watching them.

Perhaps pressing my finger on the delete button and holding it there will teach them a lesson. But I won't hold my breath.

Have a good day whatever you are doing.



  1. I hope you didn't catch your cousin's cold. What a shame you missed the wine school, but if you're tired, you're tired.
    I know what you mean about pesky characters doing as they please - I'm having a real battle with a strong-minded pair at the moment!

  2. Oh, don't delete Eileen!!! I'm sure you'll win out in the end. Just keep on keeping on....

  3. I like that "just keep keeping on" I must put that into practice :-)