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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow and Other Bits and Pieces

Woke up to find several inches of snow this morning. I have to say that it looks very pretty, but it does mean that, unless it disappears before Wednesday, my friend and I won't get to Newcastle. Now that would be a catastrophe, as we are both so looking forward to the trip.

But to travel almost one hundred and forty miles round trip in bad weather, merely for a day out shopping, would be madness. Or would it? Yes it's a long way to go in bad weather and yes, the bus could get stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere - the route takes us through some of the most beautiful countryside in Northumberland - but on the other hand, we might not. The roads could be clear by then.

I guess we are going to have to wait and see what it is like on the day.

All else is quiet here, I really don't have anything wonderful to post today. Not that I ever do, I simply write the first thing that comes into my head, but today my head is still filled with things I have already mentioned: the competition Divorcees.Biz is in, the new book I am trying to get started, The petition I have just signed against some form of animal cruelty.

Now there's a thing that usually stirs me up into a frenzy - cruelty to animals. How can people be like that. What in the world wants them to be so cruel to the other beings we share this planet with? Perhaps it's best I don't get started on that one.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and if you feel like voting for Divorcees.Biz in the Turning the Page Book of the Year Competition then please, follow the link.  It only takes a couple of minutes. There is no need to register, simply scroll down to the Start button.

Thank you all for your support,



  1. Hope you're still able to go shopping, Eileen. It's definitely more of a gamble when there's snow and ice everywhere. Good luck with the ideas for the new book...

  2. Yes, we are keeping our fingers crossed regarding the weather.

    I do hope you have added your vote for my book, only four days left.