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Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Haven't Got a Clue!

Anyone who read my last post will have gathered that I am about to embark on another novel. It was only while answering the questions that I actually came up with the title and an idea of a new novel.

It's all muddling around inside my head at the moment, but I am thinking along the lines of using the characters of my last novel, Divorcees.Biz and putting them in a whole new situation. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Actually, I say it is muddling around in my head, but it is really trying desperately to find a space for itself to settle down and come to some sort of fruition. However, it has a real battle on at the moment as my head is filled with thoughts of how to both promote Divorcees.Biz and get more sales, while at the same time try to drum up more votes for the novel in the Turning the Page Book of the year competition.  You see the competition ends on January 27th and I have had heard that Divorcees.Biz is in the top ten at the moment. (Though I don't know the exact placing) So it all so very exciting, which is why I am in a dither.

But then I am always in a dither. I wouldn't be me, if I wasn't in a dither about something or another. There is usually so much buzzing around in my head, I wonder whether there is any space for my brain to turn around. (Do brains turn around or do they simply sit there from one day to the next?)

But back to the new novel, I Haven't Got a Clue Using the same characters is growing on me, so I will have to get something down on the laptop, before I forget.

Apart from that I'm afraid I haven't anything else to tell you all. I haven't managed to get to that wonderful city Newcastle since before Christmas, but my friend and I are keeping our fingers crossed for next Wednesday as we are both in need of a little retail therapy. Hopefully the snow won't fall next week and stop our jaunt.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day,

If you feel like adding your vote, I'd be very grateful if you would follow the link above  :-)

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  1. That's thrilling about! And it will be great to meet your characters again in another book. Happy writing!