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Friday, 26 August 2011

Strange Sounds Coming From My Ka

The Blackberry is working well. I seem to have got to grips with it at the moment. I don't think I am using it to its full potential, but I can work the thing and do the things I want to do, so it can't be all bad,

Not much else to say really, except I went to the hairdresser's yesterday.  On the way there in my little Ka I saw a couple of friends coming towards me in their car. As we both had to slow down to pass each other, I decided to flash my headlights in a sort greeting.  It was then that I heard this awful screeching at the back of my car. I felt awful, I thought I had run over a rabbit or something and I would hate that to happen.

When I rolled down my window to speak to my friends, the screeching sounded louder. I told the chap I could hear a terrible noise coming from the back of my car and asked if he could hear it, too. He listened, as another screeching sound could be heard. Do you mean that noise, he said with a serious look on his face. Yes, that's it, I replied. Do you know what it is? All sorts of things were running through my mind, If I hadn't run over something, what could it be --- probably something expensive!! Yes, he replied. You've got your back windscreen wiper on!

I felt such an idiot. Instead of the headlight lever, I had pulled and pushed the wiper lever. The front ones were wiping, too, but I hadn't even noticed. At that point, we both moved on! I'm sure he was muttering something to his wife, but by then, I was concentrating on not hitting a workman, who was fixing a wall.

Hope you have a good day!!



  1. Oh dear - well I'm glad it was just the wiper. Mine makes a horrible screeching noise as well. And many is the time I have flashed my lights at someone only to squirt my windscreen with wash!

  2. I am delighted to know that someone else does things like that :)
    I, too was pleased that there was nothing seriously wrong with my car. I spent a great deal on it a short while ago. The trouble is, it is getting on a bit, but I can't afford to buy another --- not unless, I make a mint on my book!

  3. I was offered a Blackberry but decided to stick to my old Nokia as it seemed far too flash and complicated for an old biddy like me. As for Kas and cars, I've never driven but I bet if I did, I'd be getting into all kinds of bovver! I really think I should have been born in the horse and cart era - but only if they had modern dentists with high speed drills!

  4. Now that made me laugh Eileen! My car recently developed a squeak and when I took it into the garage they told me my brakes were worn completely... I'd rather have embarrassment of your kind than mine, and mine proved much more expensive!

  5. hydra - go for the Blackberry, if I can work it, anyone can!

    Vee - Yes I know expensive. My Ka and I have come across expensive several times. Thankfully this was one occasion when we escaped. :)