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Friday, 5 August 2011

Is it really a week since I last posted?

Is it really nearly a week since I last posted something here? Doesn't the time fly? I will need to have a think as to what I have been doing these last few days, as nothing exciting springs to mind.

On Monday I heard that the guy, who has been appointed to edit my novel, The Trojan Project, for the American publisher, had received the manuscript.  (Did I tell you that my novel was going to be republished in the USA??) So I guess you could say that most of the week has been taken up with me going over the novel chapter by chapter with him.  He sends me a few chapters at a time via email, so that I can approve the alterations and so far it is looking good. I rather like what he is doing with it. So here's hoping that the Americans will love it.

On Wednesday I went to Newcastle to meet up with my sister and cousin. Needless to say, we chattered for ages over coffee. It was good to see them both again. When we finally split up, I went to look around the shops. I think I have mentioned before how much I love going to Newcastle. I just wish it was a little closer to where we live. Or perhaps not, as I would be there every day!!

I tried on a couple of dresses, but I didn't didn't like myself in them. The dresses were lovely and they did actually fit, which is something really worth adding here.  But I think I felt there was is a little too much of me, to do them justice. In the end, I bought myself some tights and hair conditioner. However, I also bought two shirts and a pair of trousers for my husband. Then I trotted off to enjoy a glass of wine in Marks & Spencer's cafe in the food hall, before going home.  Now that is something. If you haven't tried doing that, you have missed a treat. You can sit there with wine, coffee or tea, whatever you fancy and watch the world go by, while relaxing after looking around the shops. Such Bliss!

This morning I went to have a blood test. I had received a letter from the surgery saying it was time I had a test to check that the tablets I take for my Thyroid were still working okay. Needles and I don't get on. By that I mean any kind of needles, sewing needles included, but I have to say those vampire-like things they use to take blood or to inject something are the worst. When will they come up with those injection gadgets they use on Star Trek. No one on that ship felt a thing when they had to have an injection for anything.  I guess we are a long way off that at the moment.

Later, I am going to have a go on the Wii.

And that is my week in a nutshell. Nothing there to make your socks roll up and down, but if anything crops up later today, I'll be back with all the info.

Just a quick PS
This afternoon, after I had done 30 mins on the Wii, I decided to tackle the ironing. I have finished now and it went over like a dream. A glass of wine and an episode of the West Wing certainly helps me get through the most dreary jobs.

Have a good day, I just did!!


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  1. Glad you got the ironing done!! Mine's still awaiting me. Sounds like your book is going to have a new lease of life - good luck with it!