Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nothing Going On!

I'm afraid things have been very quiet here of late. I have been beavering away with an editor of the American publisher, trying to prepare my novel, The Trojan Project for the USA market. However, we are almost there, so I guess I will be back very soon.

I should add that nothing too drastic in my novel has been changed. What we have mainly had to look at, is the difference in spelling. When I first wrote the story, my PC kept wanting to change my spelling into American English and I had to keep telling the thing to ignore it. Now I have had to change everything back and I think my PC is getting some sort of kick out of that, as it keeps doing weird things, like shutting itself down. Fortunately, it doesn't lose the whole story in the process. Or it hasn't up to now!

My Computer (I give it a capital C here to tell it how important it is in my life) has been having these funny turns for a little while now, but not as often as recently. Either it is being smug and getting its own back or the thing is ready for the big PC junk yard in the sky. I suppose I could have it checked out with one of these PC doctors. But some of them cost a fortune to cross the threshold, while others don't really seem to have a clue what to do.

Ah well, I think I will see what happens next. I am definitely one of those people, who like to wait and see. No point in rushing into anything, is there?

Hope your PC is working okay,


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  1. Know what you mean - I just had a new Pc and it's amazing the difference it makes! But then I am lighter in the pocket now....