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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Another Freebie!

Yes, I am here to tell you about another freebie.

To tell you the truth, I don't know whether I am on my head or my heels at the moment.
Read Freely

I am still desperately seeking votes for Murder on Tyneside, which is in the Read Freely competition and runs for another week. If you haven't voted, then please add your vote today. I would much appreciate it. 💓 

Simply follow the link and scroll down past the book covers to the list of book titles in the competition: READ FREELY  Murder on Tyneside is near the bottom. 💓

The Trojan Project 

The Trojan Project is still  free to download, so I am promoting that. If you haven't got your copy of this suspense thriller, then best head over there and get your copy. I am not sure whether the offer ends today or tomorrow. There was a problem somewhere down the line. So it was pushed back one day. So, will it last one more day or end today as originally planned.... Your guess is as good as mine.

Only Twelve Days

And now Only Twelve Days is free to download until 5th June. Therefore I am trying to spread the word about that. I have to say that this charming romance/love story, would make a great holiday read. So, if you are heading off for your holidays, don't forget to take this book with you.

They do say everything happens at once and they, whoever 'they' are, are right.

In between trying to promote the above and my other books, I am working on my new novel. But, I hasten to add, I haven't got very far with it. No doubt I will get there in the end - or I hope I will.

Anyway, that is all for the moment

Happy Reading and Happy Voting!!

Chink! Chink!

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