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Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Sunny Day

Hello again on this lovely sunny Saturday.

I hope this finds you all as chirpy as I am today. To the best of my knowledge, the competition ended June 8th (I can almost hear you all sighing with relief at the news 😂) But then come to think of it, so am I.

However that said, I notice that it is still featured on their website, so if anyone feels in the mood to add their vote for Murder on Tyneside, then please follow this link: Read Freely scroll down past the book covers to the list of titles at the bottom.  If you have already voted, then I thank you all very much indeed for your wonderful support.

Divorcees .Biz

I don't know whether you have read Divorcees. Biz. It's a novel of fun and romance about four friends, all divorced, who decide to open their own dating agency. It would the ideal holiday read: light-hearted and frothy. 

But the big thing is, it is on special offer today only 99c/99p. Therefore, if you haven't read it, now is time to download a copy.

The offer only lasts 3 days, so best be quick.

I am planning on spending a few days at Newcastle. We just haven't go around to deciding when to go. I really want the weather to be nice and warm as I want to go down to the quayside and stop off at that wonderful place, The Pitcher and Piano, for a glass of wine - or two. If it is a sunny day, it is wonderful to sit outside and watch people walking across the Millennium Bridge to the Baltic Art Gallery and the Sage.

Ah well, on that wonderfully, happy note, I will say cheerio, but as Schwarzenegger always says - "I'll be back!"

Guess where!!

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