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Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Few New Bits & Pieces!

How are you all today?

We have spent the last few days fiddling around with my husband's new laptop trying to make it work! He bought it at the beginning of the month as his old one suddenly decided that it had had enough. However, the new one started to play up from the first day.

Nevertheless, he carried on, hoping that once the countless updates etc., had been installed all would be well. But it was not to be. Every time an update was installed, something else was lost. So we took it back and, after the guy very patiently tried to sort out the problem with the manufacturer, it was decided that the laptop was broken. Therefore, we came away with a new one, but a different model!

Now, hopefully, all will be well ---- fingers are tightly crossed, which makes it difficult to type this 😅

I am now dreading the day that mine decides to give up the ghost. I think I will have to buy one with everything installed and working!!
Death on Tyneside

Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Meanwhile Death on Tyneside is still doing well. It seems that readers like the character Agnes Lockwood - especially all the tricks she gets up to while insisting on helping the police with their murder inquiries.  I have to say that I got a kick out of writing about her antics. Maybe I should have been so forceful in my youth, as I am beginning to think that I might have made a bigger mark in the world.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a book being released in July. I understand it can be pre-ordered on various sites.

There are twelve stories written by various writers One of them is a friend) and, quite honestly, they all sound like fun.

Below is the blurb and various links to where to you can pre -order.

Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes

"Howlingly good reads for the dog days of summer-from bestselling authors. Solve the mystery as our snoops leash the criminals. Fetch it now for $.99 All proceeds go to help NO-KILL Animal shelters. Pre-order now, release July 24th."

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