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Friday, 24 February 2017

A New Badge!

What are your thoughts on my new badge?
Murder on Tyneside

Obviously, it won't appear on the cover of copies downloaded from Amazon.. However it is mine to use for promotions etc.

It was awarded to me by Readers' Favorite after they had read and reviewed my novel. And, no, before anyone asks, I did not pay for the review. There wasn't even a guarantee that anyone would read it. It is left to their reviewers to browse through the books and decide for themselves which book they would lead to read.

I think that makes it a little more special, don't you?

Anyway, the reviewer enjoyed reading Murder on Tyneside and gave it 5 stars and because of that I was given a badge.

We were very lucky here in our part of the Scottish Borders as we missed the snow on Thursday. Though I understand it was pretty bad in some areas Instead we had heavy rain and gusty winds. However, thankfully, everything was intact when we got up this morning.

I think it is going to be quiet weekend for us. Maybe I will take the opportunity and get on on with my latest novel. It is going to be another story about Agnes Lockwood and what she gets up to next.

Anyway, I think that is all for the moment,

Have a great weekend.


Chink! Chink!

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