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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Only Twelve Days --- Problems!!


  A Heart-warming romance

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For the last two days I have tried to add a picture of Only Twelve Days to the left hand side of the page. The idea was that it would stay there permanently together with a blurb about the story- or at least until I wrote another novel, which could be in 2017 at the rate I am going.

However, nothing I did seemed to work, so I have added the photo here in the hope that someone will see it.  I had to do it this way or sit here fuming.  I can't stand it when something suddenly doesn't work. I have never had any problems before. I have simply pressed a few buttons and hey presto! the image has been exactly where I want it to be,  But not this time. Of course I blame Windows. It seems to be since I got this new laptop with the brand new all singing and all dancing Windows 8 that this trouble loomed up from nowhere just to get me down. 

Why on earth can't they leave things alone. Windows XP was brilliant. It worked great and I had no problems at all. In fact everyone I spoke to was absolutely delighted with it. So why change it? But no! They had to bring out Widows 7 and now Windows 8. 

Perhaps that was the problem. Everyone found they could work their PCs perfectly, so the powers that be decided that it must be time to change the whole system.

So like I said, the book cover is shown above. The back cover blurb can be found on the left hand side of the page..... Oh yes! That went up there like a dream, it's only the picture that I am having the problem with.

Anyway, enough of my rant.  I only hope that now I have finally got Only Twelve Days up here you will at least check it out.  The links are in the title, cute eh?  :-)

Take care everyone and have a great day,


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