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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Website Problems!!

I am in the middle of trying to get my website sorted/brought up to date!!  If you recall, I couldn't get a photo of my latest novel to appear permanently on the right hand side of my blog (and still can't) so you can imagine the problems I am having to get my website into some sort of order.

When I say, I, I really mean my husband, who set the whole thing up for me many moons ago. But now, everything seems to have changed without anyone notifying us, so we are in a fix!

Anyway in the meantime, I thought I would post my three novels here until I can get something else to work.

So here we go, I'm sure there must be something for everyone, so why not take a look? Especially as you are here now  :-)

The first novel I had published was The Trojan Project. a spine-chilling action adventure thriller, set in the Cheviot Hills in North East England

Next came Divorcees.Biz, a novel of fun and romance. Set in London, it tells the story of how four, thirty-something divorced ladies decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees.

Finally there is Only Twelve Days, a heart-warming, feel-good romance set in 1979. A time before mobile phones and computers had taken over the business world. (Oh yes, these gadgets haven't been here since time began, even if you think they have.) :-)

Thank you for your time, everyone. Let me know your thoughts!!

As I am off to Newcastle tomorrow, I hope to get back to you with a little more news.

Have a great day,



  1. It's super easy once you know how. I assume you are using the blogspot editor. Just add your image at the point you want it and then click it. Blogspot will show a menu under it with 'Small - Medium - Large - X-Large - Original size | Left - Centre - Right | Add caption | Properties | Remove' Just make sure 'Right' is selected. That's the easy way but if you wish you can edit the HTML code. Find the image, it will start with '<img border=' and follow through the code to find the next '>'. Just before it add style="clear: right; float: right; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-left: 1em;"

    1. Thank you, John. I will have another try. They do say these things are sent to try us. :-)