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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Yes!!  That was the cry my friend and I made when we stepped on the bus yesterday. We couldn't believe that were going to make it after all.  We had been prevented from making the trip for a couple of weeks or so because of snow. Or should I say, road/traffic problems caused by snow.

But Yesterday we made it. We were almost singing on the bus, but resisited the urge for fear of making the driver nervous. There was no way we were going to put him off. The journey down was great, There was still snow on the hills at Carter Bar, the hill at the Border of Scotland & England, but some wonderful man had been out with his trusty brush and cleared the road leading up the hill and down the other side. I guess he must have been reading my blog over the last few weeks and taken pity on us. So a huge thank you to him.

The strange thing is, I had been looking forward to trip for so long that when we arrived in Newcastle, I didn't know where to go first. How stupid is that??  Therefore I tried to go everywhere in the three hours before having to catch the bus back. (Not forgetting we tend to spend an hour in the M&S Deli Bar over a bottle of wine and a light lunch)

Anyway, I saw everything I wanted to see, despite my aging hips and dodgy knees complaining as I stormed around the Eldon Square shopping Centre. I simply told them they would get a rest on the bus back.

Can I just say they have had the last laugh, as I was as stiff as a board when I woke up this morning. However, I've promised them that once they've managed to get over the shock, I'll take them off on another trip next week!

One thing I did do as I strode around Eldon Square, I dropped off a few of my promotional cards for Divorcees.Biz on one of the stands advertising various things going on in the city. I do hope it isn't a thumbscrew offence, But you know, I have to get the word about my book out there somehow. Come to think of it, if I did get my thumbs rammed into a thumb screw, it would drum up so much publicity in the newspapers, it might well be worth it......  Ouch!! Perhaps not.

I have just heard of a Cafe in Station Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear that is now running meetings for those who might like to take up writing.  It sounds like a real fun idea, so if you live in the area, why not pop in and have a coffee and chat about your aspirations. Oh, I nearly forgot, The name of the Cafe is 'Made'

I think that is all for the moment, except to add, be sure to have a nice day wherever you are.


PS   Oh I almost forgot, Susan Whitfield will be posting an interview with me on her blog on Monday April 8th.  Why not check it out at: 

How on earth could I forget something like that???


  1. Pleased you managed to get there and back in one piece in spite of snow and dodgy body parts!

  2. Thanks, Vee. The dodgy body parts are getting over the event ---- until the next time :-)

    The snow is something else!!