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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

With Fingers Crossed & Baited Breath. Sshhh!!

I an sitting here with fingers crossed and baited breath that the weather will stay dry so my friend and I will get to Newcastle tomorrow.  (by the way, I am whispering this. I would hate some distant cloud, filled to the brim with snow to get wind of what I am saying and drift across to spoil the day.)

You will recall that last week a snow cloud heard me talking about a trip, to you know where,  and flurried across during the night and shed its load. However, with a bit of luck we will make it this week.

We had a very quiet Easter here in Kelso. Well, when I say here in Kelso, I don't expect the whole town was quiet. I'm sure some folks were out and about, rolling eggs, partying, and anything else people do at Easter.  No, what I mean is, we, the two of us, had a quiet time over the holiday. Frankly it was too cold to go anywhere. We didn't even book into the Cross Keys in the Square for lunch on Easter Day, something we have done for a few years now. Instead we stayed home, read books and watched TV. How boring is that.  So, as you can imagine, I am raring to go to Newcastle tomorrow.

I am still waiting for my cotton shopping bags to arrive. At least my friends and neighbours are. I already have one and it will be going with me on the bus with me tomorrow.

Because I had such a quiet weekend, I haven't really got anything else to blog about. I simply thought I would keep you up to date with what is or perhaps I should say, what isn't, going on in my world.

Hopefully I will have more to say the next time.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day.


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