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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The West Wing and More

It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't mentioned my all-time- favourite TV series on here for a while.

Those who have followed me from the start will recall how much I like watching The West Wing. It is the most wonderful series ever to come out of America. Well I would just like you to know I am still watching it.  I have the whole series on DVD and whenever I feel low, I watch an episode of the show with a glass of wine close by and I feel better straightaway.

I don't pretend to understand American Politics. Believe me I have difficulty in understanding what is going on in this country (UK), but the banter between the staff off the West Wing right up to the President himself is absolutely wonderful.

I have told you all this before, so I won't dwell on it again, I simply wanted you to know that because I hadn't mentioned the series for a while, it didn't mean I had given up on it.

This morning, we went to a coffee morning in our social club. Someone had taken the trouble to come to talk to the residents about extra loft insulation and other ways of saving energy.  It is a very good idea and no doubt several people will take up the offer. However, we don't have any access to our loft.  That's right, you haven't misread my statement, Strange though it may seem, we can't get into our loft, which is why we had extra insulation laid when the house was constructed.

In one way it is just as well, as it would be full of rubbish. But looking at it from another angle, if we had a loft, perhaps we would be able to get the car into the garage. You see, much of the stuff in the garage would be in the loft - if we had one.

Yes! we are hoarders. We have always been hoarders and I suppose we are not going to change now. At one time we used to move house every five years. It think it must have been a hobby of mine. But it did mean that every few years we got rid of all the junk before moving on. As we seem to have settled in this house, the clutter has mounted up. My guess is we would need a skip to get rid of it all now.

Anyway, to get back to the man at the coffee morning, I gather he is going to call on everyone over the next week to have a chat about the advantages of the extra insulation, so if he can find a way up to our loft that we didn't know about, then good for him.

On Monday I am meeting some writer friends at a local hotel for coffee and a natter. We were due to meet up a few weeks ago, but the snow made it impossible for many of the people to get there. Hopefully it will stay dry enough for the meeting to go ahead this time.

I don't think there is anything else for me to say, except, of course, to remind you that Divorcees.Biz is available on  &

Have a good day!!



  1. I've never seen the West Wing!

    We had extra loft insulation a while back and instead of being a little oven up there, it's always freezing cold which is good. On the other hand the depth of the insulation is now such that we can't store anything up there - so we have the same garage problem as you :-) x

  2. Teresa, you must try The West Wing. It's a great series. It was on TV a while back, but isn't shown any more. The whole thing is available on Amazon.

    As for the loft, there is always a downside, isn't there. :-)