Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Shopping Spree!

Yesterday I went on another shopping trip to Newcastle. I think I have said before that I love Newcastle, but I will say it again. |I love Newcastle, it is a great place. I was born in Gateshead, just across the Tyne, but often spent time in Newcastle, so I feel I am going home when I visit. Now I live some seventy miles north, so it's not so easy to get there, however, when I get the chance, I do make the effort. I wandered around the shops, Fenwicks, John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams - yes Newcastle has them all and more - enjoying every single moment. I also spent some money, which made the day even more enjoyable.  I ended the afternoon with a glass of wine in the M&S Cafe situated in the Food Hall, before going back to the car to return home.

Today, I went to play darts at our social club.  I should add here that I used to go regularly at one time, but was never any good at it.  However, you may be thinking that I might have developed a better aim since I was last there.  Let me put your mind at rest right now, nothing has changed. I was less than useless.  I threw my darts like a maniac possessed.  They went everywhere, except the target.  Thankfully everyone knew better than to stand anywhere near the board when I was about to throw.  Will I be there next week?  At the moment, your guess is as good as mine, so you'll have to watch this space. Right now, I am enjoying a glass of red wine, something of a consolation prize, I guess.

Hope your week is going well,


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