Sunday, 26 June 2011

Drinks with Friends

Yesterday was a quiet day. I re-edited my short story and watched an episode of the West Wing.  I think I know that series by heart now. Yes, it was quiet, until around seven-thirty. That was when we put on our glad rags and went to a friend's house for drinks and nibbles.

This has become a regular occurrence. A small group of us have got together and and every so often we hold a mini 'party' in one of our homes, where we mull over all sorts of things over a drink or three. Last night was no exception and I have to say, we all had a very enjoyable evening. The conversation went from health, to politics, to tennis and the olympics We even discussed the world coming to an end in 2012!  I think the conclusion was, that if we only have a few more months left, we are certainly going to have to do some partying between now and then!

I hope you are having a party wherever you are


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