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Friday, 9 March 2018

New Release!

Such exciting news this morning!

My latest novel, Death on Tyneside, published by Creativia Publishing was released on Amazon this morning.
This is the second Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Books and I hope you all enjoy the read.

Agnes Lockwood returns to Tyneside after spending a few months abroad. On her first visit, she gained quite the reputation as an amateur sleuth, as she helped the police solve a murder. Now, she is simply looking forward to meeting again with Alan Johnson, a DCI with the Newcastle police force. Having missed him while she was away, she is hoping their relationship will continue to blossom. But on her first day back in the city, she gets caught up in another murder. This time, her intrusion into the police investigation pushes Alan Johnson’s patience to the very limit.
I do hope you have all recovered from the snow we had recently. Here, in the village, we had no post, bus or newspapers for several days. But all is well again now. The sun is shining and the daffodils are rearing their heads.

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