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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Special Offer + UPDATE!

A quick update to let you know that my latest interview can be found on Cold Coffee Cafe take a look when you have a moment.

For the next 7 days you will be able to download The Trojan Project for only 99c/99p from Amazon.

The Trojan Project
As you can imagine this is very exciting for me, as it means people are given the opportunity to read this spine-chilling novel for one third of the normal price. As an author, I want as many people as possible to read my books. I suppose in a way, by reading my books, people are actually getting into my head, so to speak. They are being given the chance to find out what makes me tick.

Some friends have told me that they were amazed after they had read The Trojan Project. Saying they never would have thought that me, the person they thought they knew, could think up such a plot as portrayed in The Trojan Project.  It just goes to show, it's always the quiet ones...  :-) 

Having said that, my following novel, Divorcees.Biz, was completely different. It is a novel of fun and romance. Which means I completely changed my way of thinking when I wrote that one.  

But back to The Trojan Project. I do hope you will take the chance and download a copy at this low price while you can. If you enjoy it, then, please, tell the world - if you don't, then best just tell me - quietly!

Thanks everyone

Have a great day!


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