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Friday, 16 January 2015

So, How is it for you?

Have you been hit by strong winds, rain or snow?

Here in the Scottish Borders, we have been very lucky. Though we have had the gales and the rain, we haven't had snow or power failures - not where I live, anyway. That is something to be thankful for. There was a time, a few years ago, when the first blast of wind brought down the powerlines and we were without power for days before it was restored. It was only when our MSP intervened that something was done about it.

I haven't wanted to say anything about the Scottish referendum vote. For me it is over and done with. Personally, I would have accepted whatever the decision.  But I am so fed up with reading about all the moans and groans because the Yes campaign lost, I felt I had to say something.

It was a fair vote. Everyone in Scotland was given the opportunity to go to the polling station and vote whichever way they wanted. As it turned out the No vote won by 10% Why can't the losers at the very least accept that and get on with their lives rather than try to overturn the result?  We are supposed to live in a democracy.

Okay, that is all I am going to say about that. This is meant to be a fun blog. I try to keep politics out of it and talk about the lighter side of life - Like for instance a friend of mine called yesterday and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne. Did I hear someone ask what we were celebrating?  Err - nothing. No we weren't celebrating anything at all.  We don't need to be celebrating something to enjoy a glass or two of champagne. Not at all. If we had to wait for something to celebrate before getting together for a drink, then we would both be teetotal by now.

My friend and I are still waiting to go to Newcastle again. It has been some while since we were there. But as the bus we use has to go over Carter Bar, we don't want to be stuck up there in snow! However, rest assured once we feel it is safe, we will be back on course again.

That's all for the moment

Cheers all!!

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