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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The West Wing - and More...

It occurred to me that I hadn't mentioned that wonderful series, The West Wing for some time. I wondered whether you might have thought I'd gone off the series, as I have mentioned it for a while.
Let me assure you that I have most certainly not gone off The West Wing.  In fact I doubt I could ever 'go off' the series. I watch it every opportunity I get and then when I have finished viewing the whole series - I simply start all over again.

How I wish they had carried on with Matt Santos as the new President (played by Jimmy Smits) especially as they brought Sam Seaborn back into the fold (Rob Lowe)  I must add here that the whole cast were brilliant. But as they didn't continue with the new President,  I guess I am just going to have to continue watching the original series over and over again.  Does anyone else have a favourite programme/series that they can't stop watching?

All else in my life is the same. My novel, The Trojan Project, now available on Kindle, is doing okay. Though a few more sales would be good. But I expect every writer/author says the same thing. It is so very difficult to get your work known. You might recall that The Trojan Project is a thriller, set in The Cheviot Hills in North East England.

At the moment I am working on the final edit of a novel called, Only Twelve Days. It is a rather tender romance set around Christmas time in the early 1980s - before computers and mobile phones had taken over the world.  Anyway I do hope you all enjoy it, when it finally reaches the kindle stage. Hopefully about the end November.

My husband's health is continuing to improve. He was so poorly just over a month ago, so it is good to see him doing so well. In fact he is doing so well, he has been helping me to sort out our garage. Now when I say sort out the garage, I don't mean there are a few unwanted things in there. No, what I mean is the place is piled high with unwanted things. I have no idea how it came to get into this state - well I suppose I do, really. If there is something we want out of the house, we usually just put it in the garage. It's an easy way of getting it out of sight. Anyway, we had come to the stage where it was difficult to get through the door, so something had to be done.

The problem is, there are also spiders lurking in there. I am terrified of spiders and I think they all know it.. Therefore, my husband was put on spider alert, while I had a crack at sorting out the rubbish. At this point, I must give three cheers to our friends and neighbours who had hired a skip to get rid of some rubbish of their own. They very generously suggested we dump some of our stuff in there, too. I had planned to make a few trips to the local refuse dump, but I think I would have been making daily trips for the next six months if they hadn't allowed us to use their lovely skip.

I haven't been to that wonderful city of Newcastle for some time. I'm not sure how the shops are coping without us, so I guess we will have to get ourselves down there very soon.

I think that is all for the moment, except to say: if you find a moment or two in your busy day, take a peek at The Trojan Project on kindle at amazon. You never know, you might just feel like reading it. But be warned, it is an edge of the seat read..... Enjoy!!


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