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Friday, 7 June 2013

The Sun is Shining and All is Well

Well the good news this week is that I went shopping in Newcastle with my friend. It has been weeks since I was last there as my husband has been so poorly, so as you can imagine, I spent some money. Well I say 'spent' some money, but actually no cash exchanged hands. No! That part will come when my credit card company send me the bill.

It is so easy when you use a credit card. Because no money changes hands, it doesn't feel as though you have actually parted with the cash. The notes in your wallet are still there, yet you have a bag full of shopping. It is only when the bill comes at the end of the month that you realise that now comes the crunch and you have to pay up.  On the other hand, I never feel quite so bad about paying up because it means I have a clear card and I can do the whole thing again next time.

Okay, I realise that is a crazy way at looking at it, but it works for me. I am happy, the stores are happy and the credit card company is happy, so I guess it has worked for everyone else, too. That's my theory, anyway.

After a great deal of discussion, my husband and I decided that we needed a new bed. So after several days of putting off the moment, we set out on Wednesday to the store in Selkirk as they have lots of beds to choose from and I really wanted to bounce around on them all just like they do in the adverts on TV.  However, when we got there, the one and only lift was broken. Therefore, as the beds were all upstairs and my husband can't do stairs anymore, we couldn't look at the beds after all and my moment of leaping about was lost.  It seems the lift has been out of order for about three weeks. I wonder how many customers have been lost due to the lift repair men not being able to repair it. Ah well, that's life I guess. I suppose it could have been worse, the thing might have broken down with us in it. If that had happened we could have still been stuck in it to this day!!  It doesn't bear thinking about  :-(

Today, we are waiting for the Gas man to call as it is time for the boiler to be serviced. I have to say that this boiler has served us well for the last fourteen years and long may it continue. Anyway, we shall see what the guy has to say today. Hopefully the service will keep it going for a while longer.

So that has been the excitement for this week - a trip to Newcastle, then to Selkirk and the disappointment of broken lift and today the Gas man.  Except of course for the weather. It has been glorious all week and I gather from the forecasters it is going to continue over the weekend. So at least I end on a high note - well almost. I donated three copies of my latest novel to the libraries in this area. However it seems two have been lost in the system... how disappointing is that??

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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