Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More of This and That!

It seems ages since I last posted anything on here. To be truthful, I haven't had very much to blog about, though those that know me well will be saying,'When has that ever stopped you?'

We have had severe gales here, in fact it was so bad, Bits and Pieces day had to be postponed! That has got to be a first! Then just when we thought we had got rid of them and were looking forward to getting out, we woke up the next morning to find snow! Thankfully that didn't last too long.

In between the gales and the snow, my husband had more hospital and Dr's appointments to keep. Fortunately, the hospital was the Borders General, which isn't too far. At least we didn't have to travel to the hospital in Edinburgh, the one with the terribly hard seats. I'm not sure we would have risked going up there with the weather situation. I think we would have had to cancel.  Anyway, after a cardiogram and a monitor stuck to his body for two days, he has been given some new pills, but I gather the side effects are not good, so we will have to wait and see how he reacts to them.

I have written and posted all my Christmas Cards and delivered our presents to my sister and her husband. That is another good thing. We were able to go down to Newcastle on Tyne quite easily this year. Last year the snow came so early, we had to make a quick dash there and straight home while there was a lull in the storm, so to speak, so we missed seeing my niece, who was at work.

I am still looking forward to the republication of The Trojan Project. You will recall that it was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully it will appear in January, but I will pass on more news as soon as I have it. So all those of you who are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the announcement, hang in there for a little while longer.

Meanwhile if anyone would like to press the like button at the top of the page I have set up on facebook, I would be very grateful.

We were at the MS Christmas lunch last Sunday. It was very nice and we all enjoyed catching up with people we only see now and again. This Sunday, we are going to the Ruby Wedding celebrations of a cousin. So I do hope the weather behaves itself for the journey there and back. Fingers are crossed.

On Friday evening we have been invited to a little get-together with some friends. Looking forwrad to that. Obviously a glass or two of wine will be on the agenda, so we will all have the Festive Spirit in more ways than one!

I thought you might like to see a little thing, I made at a website recently. Just follow the link and sit back and enjoy my husband and I as no one has seen us before.
Take care everyone and enjoy your Christmas, wherever you may be!


  1. Have a great Christmas, Eileen! Hope your husband doesn't have any more appointemts as the weather looks set to stay a bit nasty??I will take a look at your website as soon as I can...
    Keep warm

  2. Happy Christmas, Eileen. I don't like this windy weather - I hope it's much better by Sunday for your journey x