Monday, 26 September 2011

New Facebook Page and more.

I have started a new page on Facebook for the republication of The Trojan Project.  By that, I really have just started the thing and have no idea where to go from here.  However, I have been assured by those who know about such things that I really need to get the page noticed and 'Liked'.

I stress the word, Like, because it was repeated several times so I guess this is very important. Therefore, I rreally would appreciate it if you would go to the page and click on the 'Like' button as though your very life depended on it. Here is the link:

I know this looks a longwinded link and I'm sure I could do something about it if  only I knew how. But until I learn more about it, you will have to bear with me.

I went into the Berwick branch of Tesco today. I wandered up and down the aisles adding this and that to my trolley. I didn't think I had chosen very much, as the trolley wasn't overloaded.  However, when I got to the checkout, I had the place in an uproar.

Someone came to assist me unload the trolley onto the belt, as I was having a problem in keeping up with the guy who was rattling away so fast on the thing that was about to call time on the money in my purse. Suddenly, he stopped and suggested he would help me with the packing, which was a really good idea, otherwise we could have been there all night. He loaded the frozen stuff into the freezer bag I had taken with me and then continued to haul the rest of my stuff past the little red light that was adding £££s to my bill at the speed of light. By now, there was no room at the other end of the checkout to put the stuff the guy had checked out, so he had to leave his till and come around to dump the items he had packed back into my trolley.

Thankfully, by now all the other items had been unloaded, otherwise the things I had already paid for could have taken a second trip past the wretched flashing red light.

When I finally paid the bill, which was creeping towards £200. I thanked the staff, and assured them I had kept them in a job for another week!

Can I just say here, that if you are confused by this blog, then you aren't the only one. I have developed a headache. I am going to have a G&T now, while I am still ahead! Not sure that is the best treatment, but it beats swallowing a pill.


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