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Friday, 23 September 2011

Home Again!

Just got home after a lovely week at Littlecote House in Berkshire. We both really enjoyed our stay. We had planned to visit several towns in and around the area, while we were so far south.

I paticularly wanted to see Glastonbury after reading a novel based on the area. I also rather fancied a trip to Bath, and I also wanted to go to to Oxford and visit the places immortalised on the TV screen by Inspector Morse. However, we did none of those things, instead, we spent our days languishing around the hotel. There as so much going on during the day that neither of us wanted to get back into the car and drive around the congested roads only to find there was no where to park when we got there.

We joined in with the quizzes, we watched the plays, so ably acted by the Littlecote players, and we strolled around the beautiful grounds. We also visited the Roman mosaic, first set out in AD640 and still wonderfully preserved. And in between, we read books and sipped wine. Absolute bliss. In the evenings we watched the shows, again put on by the Littlecote players. They are really a very talented bunch.

So you see, there was absolutely no time to go flitting around the countryside. Perhaps we will go again next year and forgo the pleasures of the Hotel. After breakfast we could go out to see all the things we should have seen this year. But we shall see what happens when to time comes, my guess is that we will do the same thing all over again.

Now back to the washing and ironing, while watching a couple of episodes of the West Wing.  Yes, I am well and truly home.

Don't forget to check out 'Behind Closed Doors' by Brian L Porter on Amazon.

Have a good day!!

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  1. It sounds perfect, Eileen - not the washing and ironing of course, but your week in Berkshire!