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Friday, 8 September 2017

Hello Everyone!

Hello again,

It seems such a long time since I last posted here. But truthfully, I haven't had any news to pass on. Not that I have today, except my niece and her family are coming up to see us this weekend.

Our nephew started school this week and I was a little anxious that he might find it strange in a whole new environment. However, it seems he loved it, so no doubt he will be telling my husband and I all about it during the visit.

I recall the day I first started school. I found it strange to walk away from my mother into a whole new world. I think I actually cried as the teacher led me into a room full of strangers, especially as my younger sister was still with mum.. But that was a long time ago and there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Sometimes it flowed gently, but there have been times when it hurled its way downstream so fast, it was difficult to keep my head above the water.

My husband and I will be celebrating out 57th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. It doesn't seem that long since we walked down the aisle after signing the register.

We went to London for our honeymoon and it was really wonderful back then. So much so, we decided to move down there from Tyneside.  But I have to say, I really missed the northeast.

Not sure that London is the same now as it was back in the 'swinging sixties'. But I suppose everyone feels that way about places as the years pass.

I think that is all for the moment, but just before I go, I thought that you might like to know that you can read the opening chapters to all my novels on the All Author Website. Simply follow the link, scroll down and see which one you would like to try first..


Chink! Chink!

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