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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Hello Again!!

It seems to have been a while since my last post. I recall saying that I wouldn't leave it so long, but you know the old saying - The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

Anyway, here I am now with a few things to pass on to you all.

The first chapters of some of my novels are still up for grabs as I announced the last time I posted. But if you missed the post here are the links again. The first chapters are FREE!

Divorcees.Biz       Only Twelve Days        Murder on Tyneside

You might also be interested to know that Divorcees.Biz is now available in Italian and Only Twelve Days has been translated into Italian and Portuguese.

Murder on Tyneside
You might recall that Murder on Tyneside is my latest novel and tells of a lady, Agnes Lockwood, who involves herself in a police investigation, whether the police want her help or not. It's a light-hearted cosy murder mystery; a little escapism for those who want to switch of from normal police procedure novels. After all, it is fiction.  😉

Easter is almost upon us. I can't believe how this year is flying by. Perhaps it's an age thing, but when I was young, I don't remember the seasons passing by so quickly. The days seemed longer, the sun shone brighter and longer and it hardly ever rained.  Yes, I guess it must be an age thing. Either that or technology is making it seem that way.

After all TV programmes weren't shown all day and all night. There weren't any gadgets such a play-station etc. We all had to make our own enjoyment, such as playing cowboy and indian games in the garden. Oh, heck, I'm showing my age now, aren't I?  Best move on!

I did an interview recently with Fiona Mcvie - If you are interested in reading it follow the link to Fiona's website: Authorsinterviews  Fiona asked me quite a number of questions and I answered them all. There is also an option to leave a message, so if you want to ask me anything then please do so.

I am still working on another book with Agnes Lockwood back on Tyneside. But like I said to someone recently, don't wait up as I tend to take quite a while.

Well I think that is all for the moment, so I will love you and leave you. However, I will try to get back to you soon.

Have a great time wherever you are


Chink! Chink!


  1. Great post, Eileen! Wine does help—a lot! LOL! I'm glad to read that you take your time writing. I do as well. I'll come back soon.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, wine certainly helps, chink chink xx