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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Not Only One - but TWO!

Yesterday my novel 'Only Twelve Days' went up for grabs at only 99c/99p. The offer is to last the whole week.

However, if that wasn't enough to be going on with, today my other romantic read, 'Divorcees. Biz', suddenly decided that it didn't want to be left on the shelf, so to speak, so it, too is now on sale for 99c/99p.

Only Twelve Days

If you enjoy reading heart-warming love stories or novels of fun & romance, I suggest you head over to an Amazon near you and download your copy today!

Or you could make my heart sing, and download both copies while you are there! If you do, please tell me which one you liked the best!

You might recall that I was going to start a diet at the New Year - well unfortunately it isn't working. For some reason I can't get myself motivated this time. I had hoped that I would have lost some weight by now. After all we are two months into 2015 and I am stuck. I really need to get a grip on myself and give myself a good talking to. The spring, then the summer will be here before long and I won't be able to fit into anything. Okay, I know I could go and buy something new, but I don't really want to buy anything in a larger size. So you see my dilemma. Things are just not going to plan!

I don't think I have mentioned that wonderful series, The West Wing for some time. Well it is still at the top of my agenda. I finished watching the series for the umpteenth time recently and what did I do - yes you are ahead of me - I started watching it from the beginning all over again. You are right! there is not enough going on in my life!

By the way, just before I go, ff you haven't already dropped by to see my website, I would be grateful if you would take a look sometime. Eileen Thornton   Go on, humour me  :-)

That's all for the moment, Have a brilliant day wherever you are and I do hope the sun is shining down on you.


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