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Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's Me Again! Added a postscript WOW!

Yes, you read that right - it is me again!

I am bit like a bus this week - you wait for ages to hear from me, then suddenly two posts come along at once.

But I just wanted you to know that my publisher, Creativia, has reduced the price of  Only Twelve Days to 99c/99p for one week - starting today.

This gives you the opportunity to read this charming love story for less than a dollar/GBP

Also, just for a bit of fun, would you let me know who you would cast as Bill if this novel were to be made into a movie. While I was writing the story, I had someone in mind and I am rather curious to know whether any of you would come up with the same person.

I'm afraid I don't have any further news for you, except to say that I am off to a friend's house this afternoon for a natter and I don't mind admitting there will be a bottle opened when I get there.

Take care all, and have a great day,


Adding a postscript here Monday 17th Nov.  My publisher has just told me that my novel Only Twelve Days has really taken off. It seems there is still room in this crazy world for an enchanting love story. WOW! Way to go!!

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