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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Back Again!

Things have been a bit hectic in the Thornton household of late. My husband was whisked away to hospital - again last week. However, they did seem to get to the root of the problem and have done something about it, so hopefully, all will be well.

Of course to find the cause of his problem involved a great deal of X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and probably a few things that scientists around the globe are still working on.  But I have to say that the Borders General Hospital pulled out all the stops and got him sorted and home after 9 days. So with a bit of luck and a fair wind he is back on the road to recovery.

Today someone came and put some new windows in our garage. We now have glass windows. When the garage was first erected, the company doing the job used clear plastic. I have to admit the plastic or whatever the real name for it is, worked quite well. But as the years went by, the sun turned the clear plastic into a horrible yellowish colour. And if that wasn't bad enough, the  plastic was so thin it began to crack.

Anyway, like I said we have had the five panes changed and I have to say it is looking marvellous. So when the guy comes back to wash down the whole structure and give it a repaint, it is going to look like a Wendy House!

It's a shame I can't say as much for Kelso Town Centre. Oh my goodness! All I wanted to do on Thursday morning was to drop a letter from the hospital into our Dr. The letter was regarding my husband's discharge from hospital. It it hadn't been so important, I would have turned around and gone back home. All manner of things were going on. Including white lining along the road past Lidl's. Anyway, I took a different route home. Is this chaos in our lovely town ever going to end? But then on the other hand, Galashiels, a few miles away has problems, too.

It has been decided to re-open the railway from Edinburgh to Galashiels. The last time I was in Galashiels, I almost lost the will to live. I drove around and around trying to find somewhere to park. The car park nearest to where we were going was closed, as was the bus station! Can you believe it? Even the bus station was closed.  Is the train going to stop in the bus station I wonder??  Even the one way system had been altered, in that, what was once the going up up through the town centre was now the going down through the town centre. Quite honestly, the situation was so awful trying to sort out where I was and where I was going next, I thought I was going to lay an egg.

With all the problems of the Edinburgh Tram System, you would think they would have left well alone. But no! If you are going to muck it up, then really go for it!!
Okay, rant over!!

Our lovely nephew is home from his holiday in Corfu. I have seen one photo of him enjoying his holiday, so I am looking forward to seeing more very soon. I believe he kept his mum and dad on their toes during their stay, so no doubt he had a great time.

Well I think that is all for the moment..... except to remind you all of my new website -   and that my novel, The Trojan Project has now been re-published by Creativia.

Have a great day!


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