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Saturday, 10 May 2014

My New Website! & a few other things!

Two exciting pieces of news for you today!

I have just launched a brand new website. 

I would really be grateful if you would take a look and let me know what you think of it so far.

I still have a few things to add, but I am getting there. At the moment it is displaying my novels, which is why I set it up in the first place, but I hope to add a few other things of interest. Therefore I would love a few ideas from you all

The address is

The Trojan Project now has a new publisher

The recent promotion I organised for The Trojan Project was a great success. A big thank you to anyone who downloaded a copy. I do hope you enjoy the read and pass on the information to your reading friends, group and anyone you can think of.

Since the promotion, the novel has been picked up by a publisher. So how exciting is that?  They also negotiated with the artist who did the cover and have been given permission to use it, so I am quite delighted on all points. I love the cover and it has been well admired.  It seems that the new publisher loved it, too and wanted to keep it.

I have also upgraded my phone. However, I do still have the same number. I think I have got to grips with it now. Technology is way beyond me these days, but I am learning. And I have to say the people I spoke to on the EE help line were really very good.

So all round it has been quite an eventful week for me. I don't suppose anything more exciting will happen for some time - unless I win the lottery this evening.  But that is not going to happen!!

Nearly forgot - I am going on a diet!!

Have a great day wherever you are


Quick PS!!!  I didn't win the Lottery last Saturday :-( 


  1. Brilliant news about your novel being picked up by a publisher, Eileen. Wow! I hope it goes on to be a huge success. Your new site already looks fabulous, too. Rx

  2. Thank you, Rena. I am very excited about the whole thing. Cheers x