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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Night I Couldn't Sleep!

Have you ever spent the night trying to get to sleep but find your mind is far too busy?

That is exactly what happened to me the other night. Despite feeling quite tired when I went to bed, the moment I got under the duvet, my mind woke up and suddenly everything and nothing began running through it. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't switch it off.

I wouldn't care if I was thinking about something constructive. Something that was going to make the world a better place. Or even when I was going to get back to the novel I am so desperately trying to put together. Which, incidentally, isn't going well at all. I have got all these characters in a situation and I have no idea what to do with them next....  But there I go again, I am rambling off onto something else.

No! I couldn't focus on anything like that. All I could think about were the stars and the planets hurtling around our solar system. This could have been brought on by a programme I saw on Channel Four a short while ago. The programme was live from the space station and it was focussed on the earth for 90 minutes so we were all able to take a look.

On the other hand it might have been because we organised a star somewhere in the Universe to be named after our nephew, Christopher Swithenbank Dobson. How about that? Somewhere up there in the Andromeda section, a little star has been registered as Christopher Swithenbank Dobson. But whatever the reason, my head was buzzing with thoughts of other planets and whether or not they were inhabited.

I know the 'experts' tell us that the planets nearer to us do not have life on them. They say the lack of atmosphere and no water means these other worlds couldn't support life. But you know, I'm not convinced about that.  The way I see it, we humans here on earth are built the way we are because of our atmosphere and water. Not the other way around.

What I mean is, if we had been born on another planet without these things our bodies would have been built differently - we wouldn't have needed water and air to survive. ---- we would need whatever else the planet had. But then what do I know?

And there's another thing I have a bee in my bonnet about. I understand that NASA has sent out some kind of information about our planet to any passing Alien.  But what Alien in their right mind would want to come here to our world? If they simply took a look at how we treat each other on this planet it would surely put them off from stopping by to say hello. And if I am right, and they are built differently to us, then that's another reason to shoot past earth as quickly as they can. Look at how the different species get treated here. The cruelty to animals on this earth is really terrible.

Anyway all this was running through my mind so I couldn't get to sleep.  Hopefully, now I have got it all oot of my system I will sleep like a log tonight.

Hope I haven't dampened your day, but if I have, then try a glass of wine, which is what I should have done when I couldn't sleep.  Now why didn't I think of that earlier???



  1. I do that all the time too. Here's to a good night sleep for each of us.