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Monday, 23 December 2013

Chaos and More Chaos!

As if there hadn't been enough chaos in Kelso town centre this year due to new pavements being laid, the town  is in an uproar all over again. For some reason no one can fathom, it suddenly became necessary to move the taxi rank a few feet, from one spot to another. In doing so, several disabled parking places had to be lost and the white paint on the road was changed to yellow to show that the spaces were for taxis only.

However, the new yellow paint hardly had time to dry before there was another change of plan. The disabled parking was restored with a fresh coat of white paint marking the places. Meanwhile the taxi rank has been moved into the next street - fresh yellow paint and all. Was all this messing around simply to keep drivers on their toes or could it be that someone at the council had over ordered white and yellow paint and needed to use some of it before stocktaking took place and the mistake was found out?

Yet Kelso isn't the only place to be in an upheaval at the moment. I had to take a trip to Galasheils last week and I had to drive around the town three times before I could find anywhere to park. When I say drive around the town, I mean right around the town. Back out and then back in again!! Not only had the car park disappeared, but the bus station had, too. To tell you the truth, I had no idea where I was going and by the time I got what I went there for, I was all too anxious to find my way out of the town and head for home. Whatever has got into the Scottish Borders Council, I only hope it evaporates by midnight 31st December. Enough is enough!

But Christmas is almost upon us and it is the season to be jolly, so let's talk about something else.

On Thursday a friend popped in and we had some champagne to start the festive season with a bang, I have to say it was really a very pleasant afternoon.

Last Friday evening four of us went to a Cabaret evening with show girls singers and acrobats at Springwood Park here in Kelso. Yes, can you believe it? There really was a dinner and a cabaret here in Kelso. It was really very good and I'm sure everyone had a wonderful night out.

Tomorrow afternoon - Christmas Eve - we are going to a friend's house for a glass of something wonderful and some nibbles. There are to be a few others there, so it should be a lovely afternoon among friends.

And then, of course, it will be Christmas Day.

My friend and I haven't managed to get to Newcastle for a couple of weeks now and I must admit we have missed our jaunt around the shops, usually followed by the glass of wine or two in the M&S Deli bar. But rest assured we will be there in the New Year. So if you see us in there, stop by and say hello!!

I think that is all for the moment, except to say that if you have forgotten to buy someone a Christmas Present and they have a kindle, then perhaps you could offer to download a copy of Only Twelve Days for them......  :-)   You can't blame me for trying.

Party hats on at the count of three



Have a wonderful Christmas & all best wishes for 2014


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