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Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Couple of Things...

I just thought I would bring you all up to speed - by that I don't mean we are all going to speed off somewhere. No, my days of racing around are over. Nowadays I rather like to take life at a slower pace. So by bringing you up to speed,  I simply mean that I am about to tell you about what has been going on during the past week.

My husband and I went to Nidd Hall. It's a country house hotel, run by Warners Leisure Hotels for adults only. A lovely place where you can sit and relax or for those who feel more energetic, there are lots of activities going on during the day and evenings. Anyway, we were there to relax, so relax we did.

Last weekend, there was a celebrity chef at the hotel giving a cookery demonstration.  However I decided to give that a miss. I find there are too many cookery programmes on TV, without me going to see another when I am suppose to be chilling out from everything that normally goes on in the kitchen.  But I gather there were a lot of people were very interested and that they all came away with lots of new ideas.

One of the evening's entertainers was a comedian, who was really very good. And another evening we saw a group of singers and musicians called, Forever In Blue Jeans. They were excellent, so if you get the opportunity to see them, don't miss out.

My next piece of news is that my novel, Only Twelve Days has been published, both in paperback and on Kindle. So for me, it has been quite a week!

Only Twelve Days
Only Twelve Days is a heart-warming romance set during the twelve days before Christmas. Therefore, is you know anyone who enjoys reading a romantic novel, this has got to be the perfect Christmas Gift. There you are, you have one Christmas present sorted already, you can cross one off your list. Or even two; you might know two people who would enjoy Only Twelve Days

Anyway, there you have it, my week in a nutshell.

I hope you all had a brilliant week and are enjoying the weekend.


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